MUSIC Accolades by Nene Nobles

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Accolades by Nene Nobles

Music Description

I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart, I will recount all of your wonderful deeds(Psalm 9:1)

Accolades is a mid-tempo Afro gospel song. This melodious Praise song is a total thanksgiving to God for His Love towards humanity via the journey of redemption.

May your mind be renewed as you listen. Amen!


"Imagine if Jesus didn't die for me
Imagine if Jesus didn't Love the world
Imagine if Jesus didn't choose to pay
What would have become the life I live today

Imagine if Jesus didn't know my name
Imagine if Jesus didn't call me back
Imagine if Jesus didn't grab me tight
What would become of me, the light I see today

For all you've done for me
Eze Nara Ekele,
The one you loved have come to pour accolades
For all you've done for me
Eze Nara Ekele,
The one you saved have come to pour accolades

Once a sinner man now proclaiming freedom freedom
Song if the sons of God
We are dancing in Victory, yeah!
All because you choose to die
If it were to be a gift from a man
How would've pay back
From me to my fifth generation we wouldn't be able to pay the depth
But with your hands free of charge
You re-write the ordinances of death
Laying them to the cross
Simu lawazie nikpe amaghi'm
God of Mercy, God of Mercy
See how you have chosen to give wretched a brand new life

See mortal man, a mere mortal man
Now bubbling in freedom, glowing in mercy
All because you choose to die
Ohh see mortal man, a mere mortal man like me,
Now dancing in victory, walking in freedom all because you paid my Dept."

Nene Noble's was born in Nsukka, Enugu State, grew up in the western part of the Country. Hails from Igbo-Eze North LGA, a local government area in Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria...Currently a student of College Of Dentistry Enugu; being disciplined for preventive Dentistry. A music minister, who got involved in music at the age of 9, in the church choir, And growing up, wish to use that which God deposited in me for His Glory! Released first sine "Accolades" in October 2020

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