MUSIC Am back (Prodigal Son) by GPK IB

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Am back (Prodigal Son) by GPK IB

Music Description

AM BACK by GPK IB is his first Christian Rap song, Which he tell that he was a LOST SON but now found and He testified how God brought him back as a circular Rapper to a Gospel Rapper.

Intro: The Prodigal Son is back today.

Knocking @dy door🚪...
"Voice".... Yeah! Who's there?

Sorry bro...
Iiihhh...It's me PRODIGAL SON
Lost but found.
Pls help me Tel Daddy dat am back home.


I said dat am a Christian
But dy last time I check..
My life was never pure
Now am fully back for the cure
JEHOVAH is my Cure
He Secure me.
but now, Am back to my father
I was doing this
Rap game to the world🌎 and for the funds too
But now...
I wanna use my Rap
To trap souls to Jehovah
Grass to Grace
I was on dy Grass
Now ama living with Grace
I'll Neva regret
Cos am not
The only one on this,
I ghad Father, Son, and the HolyGhost "HolyGhost"
I was on the wrong lane
With God NLBC brought me
Back to my right lane.
Now am set to punch the Devil with a very heavy blow
If u're Dreaming Thinking
I will retire
HolyGhost fire
Check my lanes
Dem thick pass tyre
steady on the Gospel
Am back
To tell the gospel front & back
I'll Never give up

Am back
Am back now
Am back yea,
am Back
Am back, tell the world
Let them know that am back to dy right lane."2X"
am back to the right lane.

"I was blind
Now I can see
But now I can hear
Lost but Found"2X
Download AM BACK today and listen to How God change my life for good.

Missing child in dy pass
Yes! I was the one
Through the HolyGhost
He called me back
and I come back
Cos I know he's coming back
For me to live another life
After death
Like today and Tomorrow
I cry laud
When I remember the pass
In the pass..
Two things lika Holy/Badman
I Preach
And i sin again for no GAIN
Now I switched
To the NARROW way to eternity.
Till Eternity.
I wanna live the new life, till Eternity...
Am gonna tell the Gospel
Real Good
So that when I
Sleep and wake the other Side
I will know
Who will welcome .

Am back
Am back now
Am back yea,
am Back
Am back, tell the world
Let them know that am back to dy right lane."2X"

Am back
Am back
Am back
Am back to the right lane
that am back
Am back
Am back
Am back to the right lane

GODWIN PAUL KURE Popularly known as GPK IB "Incredible Boy" Gpk IB is the first son of his parent, And he has two younger siblings A boy and a girl. He's a multi-talented young boy From Doma LGA of NASARAWA state Nigeria Gpk ib is good at RAPPING, SPOKEN WORD + COMIC very funny but not forming. lolz Gpk ib started entertaining his fans with his funny posts on Facebook and other social media platforms Until he moved from Nasarawa state to FCT ABUJA where he met one of his friends "RAP APOSTLE" who encourage him not to let his talents fade away. Gpk ib picked some pieces of advice from his best friend "RAP APOSTLE" and he put his talents to work Gpk ib started music as a Circular Rapper But today he's proudly a Gospel Rapper. Gpk ib decided to switch to Christian Rap After he passed through a Class call "DISCIPLESHIP+FOLLOW THE MASTER" in his current Church @NLBC ABUJA And is first Gospel single is: AM BACK "ProdigalSon" In the single Gpk ib called himself THE PRODIGAL SON as we all know the story of the Prodigal Son in the HOLY BIBLE. So GPK IB said he was lost but now found. Download AM BACK By Gpk ib today and listen to amazing Christian Hip-hop. Follow Gpk ib on Instagram@gpk_ib Facebook@Gpk Dha Ib Stay connected with him as GOD will use him more to take the Gospel to The street Stay tune And remain blessed.

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Tobi - about 10 months ago

Nice one bro


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