MUSIC Lay your hands upon me by Darlington MI

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Lay your hands upon me by Darlington MI

Music Description


Obinigwe..lay your hands upon me Lord.
Lay your hands upon me.2x
Holyghost..lay your hands upon me 
Lay your hands upon me.
Ezemoh..lay your hands upon me Lord
Lay your hands upon me.

Obinigwe ..lay your hands upon me Lord..
Ezemoh..lay your hand upon me.
Am nothing without you Lord..
Lay your hands upon me Lord..
Holyghost..lay your hands upon me

Am helpless without you Lord..
Lay your hands upon me Lord.
Ezemoh...lay your hands upon me..
Obinigwe..lay your hands upon.....
Holy ghost..lay your hands upon me...
Oh Lord in ur hands lies my deliverance ..
In you I live ,I move and have my being

In you I put my trust
In you am satisfied
Maka onye gburu chi ya uzo ogbabuo onwe ya naso.

Just a touch from you Lord , that's all I need obinigwe

Lord you laid your hand ,and your spirit came upon you church..
Lord lay your hands on me, 
Your hands is all I need

Lord you laid your hands, and your power came upon your church , 
Lord lay your hands on me,
Your hands is all I need,
Lord lay your hands upon me.
     CHORUS.  Again.
Ihediohamma chimezie a gospel inspirationist....
 Known as (Darlington M. I).
He is based in the city of owerri.
He is an Evangelist.
He has a deep passion and love for music,
When he was a little boy, his father picks him up from school to church, for there rehearsals not knowing that he was sowing a great seed in him, and he got inspired by that act.
He don't just write songs and began to sing,
But been reviewed to him in the place of prayer by the spirits...

Here comes the very first inspirational song through him..
(Lay your hands upon me Lord)
#Darlington M.I
@Darlington M.I

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