[Music] Michael Adegoke - Morning motivation

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Michael Adegoke - Morning motivation

About the music

We live in difficult times and the hope of many fades away as the days go by.

This 'Morning Motivation by Michael Adegoke' reminds you not to give up.

See the transcription below


Good morning my friend, this is a new day.

This is a new opportunity to bring out success out of the many challenges that will come your way today.

A new opportunity to bring beauty out of ugliness.

Remember that what makes the difference between a successful person and one who is not is how they make the best out of everything around them.

Time and chance happen to everyone. Everyone has 24 hours in a day.

What determines our success is how much we can make from each 24 hours.

What matters is not what we have but what you do with what you have.

What matters is not the obstacles on your way, but how you are able to project yourself into the sky.

Being unlimited begins with first believing you are unlimited.

Until you eliminate all excuses for not achieving success, my friend, you will never achieve success.

So you have to be absolute, tell yourself:

"Nothing can hinder my success.
I am limitless.
I have all that it takes to be the best"

Even when there are reasonable factors that may hinder your success, shut your eyes, look beyond them and see with the eyes of your spirit.

See the beautiful life God has for you, see a life of success, wealth, health, joy, peace and abundance because this is God's desire for you.

Push on my friend, march on like a soldier.

You are a winner, a victor, a success.

Today will be a beautiful day for you.

Today will be a day of fulfilment, a day of success.

Remember, Jesus loves you and He is always there with you.

He has promised to never leave you or forsake you.

With Him in your life, all things will work together for your good today.

Whatever you lay your hands on will prosper.

At the end of this day, you will be full of joy and gratitude to God.

Good morning once again.


Michael Adegoke is an ardent lover of Jesus, a proud Christian and a passionate teacher.

Michaels lie purpose is to express the ultimate glory and beauty of God and also help others do the same with every resource and at the best possible quality.

Learning daily has been a part of Michael Adegokes daily life since his teenage and that has helped him acquire several skills and be knowledgeable in different subjects of life. Michael believes that as a human being, there is nothing you cannot achieve. He believes if you can read and write there is nothing you cannot learn. When confronted with any challenge, his first response is usually it is simple. No challenge is ever difficult for him and that has helped him live a perpetually joyful and peaceful life.

Michael Adegoke has experience and proficiency in different creative fields like Graphics Design, Web Design, Content Writing, Video Content Creation, Social Media Management, Search engine Optimization, Web development & brand strategy. He has worked with both multinational and local brands.

Michael is passionate about helping people solve problems. In fact, he says he solves problems for a living and that is true. Focusing on WordPress, a Content Management System he has been able to build such excellent expertise that he solves problems for hundreds of clients who own WordPress websites all over the world. He started building WordPress websites in 2011 and since then he has shown outstanding skill in communicating brands messages through websites.

Alongside the WordPress solutions that Michael create, he is also a Search Engine Optimization) expert. He has worked with several brands in the areas of Speed Optimization, Schema Markup writing (in JSON LD), Search Engine Optimization and other WordPress solutions.
Having a degree in English & Literature, Michael is furnished with the rudiments of communication, combining this with his graphics design skill makes it easy for him to interpret and create clear & strong brands.

Michael believes in simplicity and that is the narrative behind his graphic works, writing, content and any other thing he does.
He currently owns a Christian lifestyle website, youlaif.com where he shares some Christian truths with the global audience.
He also owns a training network (Michael Adegoke Training Network), a platform on which he imparts people with everything he learnt.
The training network provides both offline and online training/mentoring programs in WordPress development, WordPress solutions/trouble-shooting, searching engine optimization, personal branding for job-search, personal or business branding to attract customers.

He has been featured on both global and local media.

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