[Music] Unity by Aunah Lion

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Unity by Aunah Lion

About the music

Unity is that one big tree, that has so many branches but one root. if every branch of a tree plays its part the tree will bear much fruits. Unity is that much of broom you use to sweep your room singularly no single broom can sweep a room, that is everyone needs someone to spread wide even the whole universe was created by the unity of Godhead called Trinity you as well function as one because of your body so and spirit people dance creative dance because of the harmony in music no understanding no unity no unity no understanding by unity tower of Babel started strong by disunity tower of Babel ended wrong uuhhhh Nigeria looks sorrowful no be April fool compare to other nations of the world Nigeria is more blessed compare to the civilized nations of the world Nigeria is still a smallage ( a growing Nation) time will fail me to give details on how we have been blessed nevertheless let me drop it less humanly we are blessed naturally we are blessed politically nbbbb sorry socially we are blessed financially religious we are so so blessed yet we look wretched because of disunity, we confess unity without acting unity God is United man is United the unity of this country should I say is in progress or in retrogress, you deny me opportunity because we are not of same tribe or family are we not one in this country you refuse to support my ministry because I don't attend your ministry is Christ not one body? Unity is a universe language we are again it yet we don't want the labour of our heroes past to be in vain can you prove you don't know me but you love me can any citizen of this country become some body in the system of the this country without knowing anybody even foreigners wey jumped in through window still get mouth than most of us wey get the land, the unity of Nigeria has a mark bigger than question mark in case you no understand the matter ask your maths master he will mathematize the matter and give you the right answer to the whole matter United we stand United we grow one day naija will rule the world unity progress unity progress unity.... I'm Mr. Aunah Lion. 'roar'


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