Xac Andronikus - One Family

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Xac Andronikus - One Family
"One Family" is a movement and not just a song from the AWESOME GOD album. 
Its focus is on bringing all Church denominations together as one in the body of Christ Jesus, forgetting and forsaking our differences and individual rules & doctrines that guide our  denominations; having a free mind of interdenominational interactions/fellowship and acceptance instead of hating, dissing, segregating against others; but uniting us as one. 
So, I brought in twelve (12)  Gospel Music Ministers from different denominations in Makeni, Sierra Leone, to work with for the enhancement of Godly unity.


We are one body in Christ

The Pentecostals
We are one one body in Christ

1st Verse
One Church
Many Nations
We believe in God The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit
Though we are many, we are one body in Christ
In one Spirit, we were all Baptized 
Into one body ai
Jews or Greeks
Slaves are free
They are all meant to drink of one Spirit.      "Thaimson"

We are One Family in Christ
We stand in awe of You

We are One Family in Christ
We join our voices to sing in one accord

We are One Family in Christ
We stand in awe of You

One Family
One Body
United In Christ.

2nd Verse
Why the beefing?
Why the dissing?
Why the segregation?
We are preaching the Gospel
It's not competition
Let's reach out Salvation to all the nations
Brethren yeah
We are One Body, One Soul, One Spirit
Let's all come together, let's do it
This is the end time
This is the end time
Let's work hand in hand
Cause we have no time.
                  "Joe Lewellyn"

3rd Verse
One Spirit
One Lord
One God
One Fa.....ther of all
One Hope
One Faith
One Baptism
Because, the message of Salvation in Christ can never be subject to change.           
             "John Barrat"


4th Verse
Different Voices
Different Tongues
Different Nations
Different People
Different Countries
Different Faces
Ai, but United as One
Soaked in the Holy Ghost
We are moving up by GRACE
We are running this RACE
We are coming your PLACE
Come make we jolly dey go
                 "Xac Andronikus"

5th Verse
One Christianity
Multiple denominations
Let's Worship TOGETHER in unity
Just One big congregation
Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican
Let's Worship Christ as we can
No segregation, let's live our best to fulfill HIS plans
You're my sister
I'm your brother
Jesus Christ, our Lord and Master
Born of a virgin
Died on the cross
He saved the whole world
His name we should trust
Christlike believers
God our Redeemer
Wants us together
To preach across bothers
As a Family.     "Mallay"


6th Verse
Together forever
We will live as one
To proclaim, God's word
We are brothers and sisters
Together forever
Today we will celebrate with one heart
We've come to You, as a 
We believe in You, as a whole body
And we will rise together
As a body in Christ.     

7th Verse
I will be glad to celebrate with You
When we come together, we can make it
Nothing can brake us
Nothing can stop us
Nothing can move us
With One Heart
One mind
One Spirit
Nothing can separate us
So oh oh
We are one together as Christians.      
          "Michael Light"


8th Verse
We are one body in Christ
Joined, reconciled as one
Though tribe divides us
Location divides us
But Christ United us all
We are made one in the Holy Ghost
And is in Christ that we always boast
Glory to Glory
Higher and higher
We are made complete in Him.                        "Bernice"

9th Verse
Let us rise
With One voice
One Church yeah
And let us embrace, ourself
With Love
With Love
United we stand.
                    "Queen Esther"


10th Verse
It doesn't matter what they call us
It doesn't matter what's the title uh
It doesn't matter what the name is called yeah
Let us come together
And build this Church yeah
And the gate of hell will not prevail against it. 
                              "Super D"

11th Verse
Brethren take my hands 
Let us go into the world and preach out the GOOD NEWS  of Christ Chri..st yeah
For the end is near
The time is now
Many souls are roaming
Let's bring them now
With all our voices. 


12th Verse
One head
One body
Many functions
We are one body
One body in Chri..st
When the foundation is broken, can the righteous stand?
A house that is divided, cannot stand
We are
We are one body
We are one body yeah.
We are one
We are one
We are one yeah

We are one
We are one
We are one yeah

We are one
We are one
We are one Family
Family  (2times)

13th Verse
Uh uh uh yeah
I'm worshipping Christ as a Baptist
Serving Him daily, as a Baptist
We are one body
No discrimination at all oh yeah eh eh
Let's push the Gospel before oh
So Papa God ihn word go dey go oh.              "Pappa Dave"

We are one
We are one
We are one yeah

We are one
We are one
We are one yeah

We are one
We are one
We are one Family
Family yeah (3times)
"Kilyobas Andronikus Kamang" is a GOSPEL MUSIC MINISTER with the stage name 'Xac Andronikus' and a big bro 'Kornerstone' I was born 14th January 2000 in JUTH Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. I did a diploma course in Makeni, Sierra Leone, I've been writing 'Gospel Songs' since I was 11yrs and have been through a lot of challenges but God has been seeing me through going through the 'rural and neglected areas' with my parents preaching the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

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Raymond - about 8 months ago

I like this so much

Jabbok Has - about 9 months ago

This is awesome.. More Grace 🔥🙏🏾

Xac Andron - about 9 months ago

Thanks so much @Lyrical pa

Lyrical pa - about 9 months ago

Perfect song indeed we are one


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