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Our music packages and how to know scammers


Greetings to you all,
Please is important that you read to the end,

Below is our list of packages, the way we work, and prices.


We have three packages which are they;
1. Basic
2. Standard
3. Premium

1. For the Basic Your song will be uploaded on where thousand's of people who visit will be able to download your song.
We will create a page for you on our website with your biography, This page will also carry every of your song which has been promoted on including videos.
Your song will also be seen on Google search engines including your bio and every content you added on

2. For the Standard, this package gives you everything that the Basic package can offer to you, it's also a special package.
With this package we promote your song further;

A. Your song stays on our top page where visitors see your song first before any other.
B. We will upload your song on AudioMack and then embed the code into our website for more streams.
With this package, you will benefit more as an Artist

3. For the Premium, This is a special package for every musician's dream.

With this package;
A. Your song gets to all digital stores including Itunes, Spotify, Boomplay, Amazon music, etc.
B. Your song will be monetized on Facebook and Instagram where people can use it on their Facebook/Instagram story.
C. A distribution account will be created for you where you alone will be able to monitor your streams and earnings.
D. with this package your songs also get monetized on Facebook and Instagram, Where people can use your song on their story on social media.
E. We will also create a short video for you with your music artwork and your generated fanlink which will also go viral, These are all about the Premium package.

I guess you love this package but one thing you need to know about this package is that it has both promotion and distribution and you need to have a very large fan base for you to earn more.

We also generate a fanlink for everyone who goes for this package and it's also expected that you share your fanlink to people because the higher your streams the higher you are earning. is not the platform to pay you for your streams but the digital stores where your song has been distributed.


1. Gospelflavour uses or, we don't use any email related to Gmail or yahoo mail.

2. There are only two numbers you can reach us with, which are 08083024417 and 08062839840. Please when chatting with anyone concerning promotion on gospelflavour make sure you are chatting with the number above, if not you are on your own.

3. Gospelflavour music collects payment through WEMA Bank alone with the Bank name "Vicu Cyber Technologies".

WARNING:- Please, Run away from anyone claiming to be Gospelflavour Agent, who dont have this contact details.

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