Nura Mustapha Waye, who ran Kannywood, died suddenly

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Nura Mustapha Waye, who ran Kannywood, died suddenly

Nura Mustapha Waye

A tragic accident took the life of Nura Mustapha Waye, who managed Kannywood.

There is no longer any chance of survival for Nura Mustapha Waye. He was the filmmaker of the viral Kannywood video "Izzar So" that was uploaded on YouTube.
The unexpected passing of the director was announced to the general public on Sunday by his employees.
On Saturday night, rumors circulated that the deceased guy, who had also directed a number of other movies and television episodes, had gone to bed feeling perfectly well.
When word got out of his passing, many people were taken aback.
According to Nura's buddy Baba Sheik, who was with him when he passed away a few hours ago, Nura Mustapha Waye had wonderful health the day before and the day of his passing as well. Innalillahi wa inna'ilaihi Raju'un. Your passing has been felt deeply by many in the film industry in Kannywood and throughout Nigeria. Our sincere prayers are directed for the salvation of your kind spirit.
On his own Facebook page, well-known actor Ali Nuhu stated, "May Allah have pity on Nura Mustapha."
May Allah bless Director Izzar, whose name is Nura Mustapha, said another actor named Lawan Ahmed, who used the phrase "Innalillahi wainnailaihirrajiun." May Allah pardon him for his errors, and may Allah assist us in dying with faith when our time comes, amen.

"Innalillahi wa'inna ilaihirraji'un, Allah has granted the director of the film Izzar, so Nura Mustapha, who is dead, may Allah have compassion on you and forgive you," Zarah Abdullahi added. "Innalillahi wa'inna ilaihirraji'un."
Later on, Nura was laid to rest in accordance with the rituals that are observed in Islam.
He has a wife and a few children that he has to leave behind.
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Nura Mustapha Waye, who ran Kannywood, died suddenly

Nura Mustapha Waye A tragic accident took the life of Nura Mustapha Waye, who managed Kannywood. There is no longer any chance of survival for Nura Mustapha Waye. He w..

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