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Ozzii is a gospel music artist, a songwriter, and a food enthusiast who is also a box guitar player. She is also a worship minister in The Elevation church and was formerly a worship minister in Dunamis church. She is the C.E.O of the Sondren's palace Royale.

Favour Ozzii Background:
Favour Ozzii was born on the 27th of September 1992, to Mr and Mrs Egesi in imo State.

Favour Ozzii had her primary and secondary education in Nigeria. She studied Biochemistry In Abia State University,uturu in Abia state, Nigeria.

While in Abia state, she started experimenting with food, its taste, flavours and health benefits and hence her career choice in the food industry.

Favour Ozzii's music career started not so much as a career but as a drive-in passion for music. Favour Ozzii started her music ministry in 2005. She grew up listening to lots of instrumentals, highlife, Jazz, to Rex Lawson, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davies, Rihanna, etc.

While growing up, Favour Ozzii wanted to be a super R&B musician doing Afrocentric, Jazz, highlife etc. As a result, she went about listening to songs in that line, going for Auditions, backing up for music artists in church's,club and studios, to dancing in their videos, until her life narrative changed.

It had always been about the music for her until she got born again and had an encounter with God, though at a younger age she knew she had a purpose but always ran away from it. It stopped being about the music, and it became all about knowing God, with the music as an instrument and a platform to show forth God’s love.
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