[Video] College of life by Shammah Kingsley

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College of life by Shammah Kingsley

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Video: College of life

The song College of life by Minister Shammah Kingsley, is a song of salvation meant for every one.

Lyrics English Version:


Rev 22 vs 12
And behold I am coming quickly to give to every one according to his work and I am the alpha and the omega the beginning and the end the first and the last.

He is coming and his reward is with him, pls brothers and sisters make your way straight, indeed Jesus is coming,

thank you

What a human has done, that is what he/she will be rewarded for, what a man has spoken is what he will be judged for (X2)

A day is coming, sinners will cry.

That, you have done to your brother, that has left him in tears,
that, you have done to your friend, that has left him/her in tears.

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